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You searched UniMAP Ulu Pauh - Title: media of mass communication / John Vivian.
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1   The media of mass communication / John Vivian
1   Media optimization for ligninase production from rice straw by solid state fermentation using Phanarochate chrysosporium / Suraya Mohd Tajuddin
1   Media optimization for pectinase production from rice bran by solid state bioconversion using Aspergillus niger / Raja Ahmad Izzat Raja Zazali
1   Media processes and effects
1   Media programming : strategies and practices / Susan Tyler Eastman, Douglas A. Ferguson.
1   Media promotion and marketing for broadcasting, cable, and the internet / edited by Susan Tyler Eastman, Douglas A. Ferguson, Robert A. Klein.
1   Media psychology / by David Giles.
1   Media regulation : governance and the interest of citizens and consumers / Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone.
1   Media Reloaded [electronic resource] : Mediennutzung im digitalen Zeitalter / herausgegeben von Arnold Picot, Axel Freyberg.
1   Media Rich Instruction [electronic resource] : Connecting Curriculum To All Learners / edited by Rosemary Papa.

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